What to invest in is a question many people are asking.  Just like you, they are searching for ways to make money.  Some without jobs are looking for a steady source of income. Those with jobs are looking for extra income and ways to increase their retirement income.  Perhaps, those with jobs are just looking for a way to financial freedom and a chance to quit their jobs.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to making money other than from a job.  Some choose to invest in real estate.  Some invest in stocks and bonds.  Others invest in one of the many other various opportunities to get a return on their input.


In determining if a website investment is good, you should consider the following factors:

1. The expected financial return.

2. The chance you will realize this expected return.

3. The other investments you own.

4. Your tax circumstances.

5. The intrinsic value you give to having a presence on the internet and any other intangible benefits from owning a website.

Let’s first talk about the expected financial return.  While many advertisers boast of internet programs that can make you rich overnight, the truth is that most internet businesses, like other businesses, will take time and sound management to be successful.  So, the return on your investment in a website will be realized over time.  The three elements that ultimately determine the return on investment are (1.) amount invested, (2.) rate of return or interest rate and (3.) time or how long the investment is held.  With a website the amount invested consists of the costs of the domain and the site builder, unless you purchase an existing website.  This could range from free to thousands of dollars.  The cost of web hosting is an expense and not considered an investment cost.  Expenses and revenues are used to determine the rate of return on investment, not the amount invested.

If your domain cost $5 and a site builder is included in the web hosting expense, an annual net profit of only $5 would yield a 100% return on investment for the year!  The challenge here is to find a product that you can sell online and net $5 for the year.  Given the thousands of products and affiliate programs available, given time with your website, you could net many times the $5.  A 5 figure income is a reasonable expectation after 2-3 years. With your website, there is the opportunity to make money over time with little or no investment, other than your time.

What about the chance that you will realize the expected return?  There is no industry growing with the speed of the internet.  Internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, approximately doubling each year as it has done every year since 1997. Internet traffic is beginning to act in a more global fashion after years of U.S.domination.  In the U.S., the fastest growth in internet use is being driven by the older age groups,starting at 55.  Approximately 61.2 percent of all adults visit the internet regularly.  The internet is becoming as much of a daily habit as turning on the television.

Surveys reveal that the two main uses of the internet are email and shopping.  Given over a billion users worldwide, the opportunity to make money online is without limits.  Effective online marketing is the key.  Now is the time to position your self to ride the wave of potential riches by making a website investment! 

In conclusion, over time you can master the online marketing techniques required to make your website a money making machine.  Your other investments will dictate the time and budget available for the promotion of your website.  As an online business conducted from the comfort of your home, there are favorable tax consequences.  The intrinsic value of owning a home based business can personally be worth thousands of dollars.  Given the potential for a high rate of return on the investment in a website and the low risk associated with realizing this high rate of return, everyone should own a website!  Over time as you increase the annual earnings from your website and the traffic to your website multiplies, should you decide to quit the business, you can sell your investment for a considerable profit.  Read more about this in the free report about website flipping.  What to invest in?  A website!  I can’t imagine any investment that is more fun to work with and provides more benefits. BUILD YOUR WEBSITE TODAY!  TRY OUR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL!  LEARN MORE HERE…….