What is MLM you asked? Multi-level marketing is a business technique used to build a close knit team, family, community of self motivated people who desire to be entrepreneurs: people who dream of being self-employed and owning their own businesses.  By sharing and working together the team is successful at selling a product or line of products.  You know the old saying that “two heads are better than one”?   Well consider a community of heads.  MLM or network marketing pays a team member not only for the sales personally generated, but also for the sales of team members he introduced to the company, creating a downline of representatives and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

For example, one of the MLM opportunities featured on this site, Global Domains International (GDI), is operated as a MLM home business.  It pays $1 per sign up for its web hosting services in monthly residual income through 5 levels.  If each team member commits to recruiting 10 members for his first level, then the following could result: 10 members on level 1, plus 100 members on level  2, plus 1,000 members on level 3, plus 10,000 members on level 4 and 100,000 members on level 5.  This totals a staggering 111,110 members or users of the products each yielding a monthly commission of $1 for a total of $111,110 for the month.  This example illustrates the power of the MLM marketing system.  It is truly “affiliate marketing on steroids”.

Many people unwittingly regard all MLM opportunities as pyramid schemes.  They see the hierarchy of compensation levels, recruitment and referrals, all activities common to a pyramid scheme; so, they conclude that it must be a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is illegal and benefits only those at the very top.  You don’t want anything to do with these.  So, how can you tell the real MLMs from the pyramids?  The key difference is in the product sold.  Most pyramids don’t have a product that is sold to the public.  You just get compensated for becoming a member and recruiting others.  Even if there is a product, if compensation is based more on recruitment than selling the product, you have found a pyramid scheme. The Federal Trade Commission warns us to investigate before we invest.  Protecting your self takes research, some business sense and a healthy share of skepticism.

What is MLM?  MLM is not what it was before the internet. Before the internet sales and recruitment were done offline.  It was necessary to be a good presenter.  Often you spent considerable time trying to sell to or recruit your friends and family members.  They often resented your attempts.  Today, because of the internet, you can make sales while you sleep.  You can recruit new downline members without having to meet them in person or call them on the phone.  You can train your entire downline without having to be in the same room with them.  Today, you can put 95% of your business on cruise control and this makes it easily replicated.  This means your downline can quickly learn to sell and recruit.

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