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In choosing a domain name, it is recommended that you begin by researching keywords that are relevant to the purpose of the website you wish to create.  A free and very good keyword research site is Google’s keyword tool. Go to this site and type in a word or phrase that you believe describes the website you plan to create.  When the results appear, to the left of the page you will find match types.  Select the phrase match which will reduce your list to the most relevant.  Next, click on the global searches column which will sort your list in descending order from highest to lowest.   Starting with the first keyword, check to see if a matching domain name is available for registration.  Remember to try all of the popular extensions, i.e., .com, .ws, .net, .biz, etc. You may find that inserting dashes or adding letters or words may be necessary.

Once you have a match, confirm that the number of global searches is at least 1,000.  A smaller number may be too few searches to make any money.  Finally, before you register your good domain name, make sure you have a product ready to be marketed!

Following this recommendation is but one step of many in the quest to reach a top position in the pages of a search engine.  In choosing a domain name, whether you decide to match a relevant keyword or build a brand around some other chosen name,attention to good content, keyword density and reputable back links should be your ultimate goal.  With this goal in focus and a relevant domain name, you will see that good domain names can make you money.


Choosing a domain name is extremely important to the success of your online business.  Good domain names are good if they significantly contribute to the success of the website.Good domain names make search engine optimization (SEO) much easier which allows your website to be awarded a higher page ranking on search engines.  Your goal should be to obtain the number one position on the first page of a keyword search. If not # 1, you want at least one of the top 3 positions.  Notice that the phrase “keyword search” is relevant here.

When someone is looking for information, a product or service on the internet, they go to a search engine such as Google and type in a description of what they are looking for. This description is a keyword. This description can be one word or a phrase.  The search engine then returns pages of websites that are relevant to the keyword submitted with page one being the most relevant.  Page 2 is the next relevant and so on.

How is the relevance of a website to a keyword determined?  This is the $64 thousand question which can only be answered by the search engines.  So far, they are keeping the answer to themselves.  Nevertheless, SEO experts tell us that good content with adequate keyword density, sufficient back links and a relevant domain name are important ingredients.